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Every Story Has A Beginning - Here is Mine

I've always wanted to travel and see the world. The problem was I never had the time or the money to do so until I found out about affiliate marketing. See, I know that the only way that I could set myself free was to work for myself. But the biggest question was, how do I do that?


I dabbled in owning my own Landscaping company for a while and loved it, but even though I was making a decent amount of money. I was working about 70 to 80 hours a week with no time to travel or do anything else.

So with dreams dashed, I hung up my equipment and searched for regular employment.

Even though I got a regular 9 to 5 job I still wanted my own business to run. So I took my knowledge from my employer and started a Duct cleaning service. With some time and effort, I was able to start building a decent profit. But once again, I found myself working too many hours and not enjoying the life I wanted.



I thought to myself there has to be a better way!

I don't want to deal with employees, working extreme hours, getting equipment, billing, scheduling, and everything else that came with having a traditional type of business. And I certainly didn't want to work for someone else

That's when I started looking at the internet, and I saw the potential for making a decent living.

But I had Questioned. Where do I start? What do I sell, or promote?

There was so much information on the internet about making money but a lot of it seemed incomplete!

The more I researched the more confused I became.

How do I get a straight answer or a guide to this money I see people making?

The Breakthrough

I finally came across an individual that was willing to show me Step-By-Step how to use a system called the Connector Model

It showed great potential and I was getting my questions answered. Plus answered questions that I didn't know I had.

Through the Connector Model, I was able to insert myself as the go-between for a company to the customer.

But things got more exciting when I was shown how to Create a Hub

By Creating a Hub I'm able to:

  • Have a system that would do all the hard work for me, 24/7 making me money while I sleep

  • Have collaborations with different companies creating multiple sources of income

  • Create my own ecosystem in which people can come and get valuable information

  • Work from where ever I want, as long as I can get internet access

    Best of all I don't have to:

  • Do any of the billing or customer service

  • Stocking or shipping of inventory

  • Hiring, or firing of Employees

  • Scheduling of projects and staff

  • Or any of the headaches of running a traditional business

Now that I have Found The Vehicle for Success

I feel compelled to share it with everyone


You know that feeling when you know something is great.

You just want to tell everyone about it.

You want them to see the same thing you do, and feel the happiness of success.

I want others to thrive and live their best lives.

If I can show away and guide you through all the misinformation, it would be an honor.

Plus, as a bonus, I will be able to up my skill set by teaching and helping others.


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